Raccoons are considered pests because that’s what they are if the damage and loss they cause is anything to go by. There is nothing as disheartening than when you wake up one morning and find all your chicken gone, your trash in a mess or most of your food in the house eaten thanks to hungry and thieving raccoons. This will only happen if your home and chickens aren’t well protected from these creatures. Outlined below are 3 top raccoon proofing tips, from that will definitely keep the raccoons away.

Use of dogs

Using more than two guard dogs to guard the home during the night will definitely keep the raccoons off. Raccoons don’t like dogs and dogs don’t like raccoons either. Let the dogs mark the area around your chicken coop if you have chickens and this will surely keep any daring raccoon at bay. It is a very effective raccoon proofing method.

A Raccoon Proof Chicken Coop

A secure chicken coop will of course keep the chickens safe. Raccoons have been known to rip through chicken wire and they are excellent climbers. As you build your chicken coop ensure that the roof has heavy metal roofing together with plywood and use hardware cloth to cover all windows. Ensure that the floor is concrete to prevent raccoons getting in by way of dig-ins. Overall, ensure you chicken coop is secured to perfection, with not even the remotest chance for a raccoon to get access to the chickens. This way you will never worry about raccoons again.

Keep the home well secured.

Raccoons have been known to rummage even inside houses for food. Ensuring that all  possible raccoon entrances are barred is the best way to keep them away. Capping the chimney, a common way for raccoons to get inside houses is an effective proofing method.

If your raccoon problem cannot be dealt with by the above tips simply seek the services of a specialized animal control company.