Raccoons can prove to be a great nuisance in a home or any property. These pest animals found in urban and rural environments may live in various sections of property including in the attic, chimney, shed and barns to mention a few. Apparently, they hardly leave by themselves once settled in these areas until they’re evicted. In the meantime, they’ll make a mess of your property; tearing up insulations and electric wiring, tipping over your garbage cans as well as being a hazard to disease such as rabies. Fortunately, the answer to the question above is “yes”, it’s possible to completely get rid of raccoons from your property . Here is how to go about it.

Firstly, it’s important to find out the common places the raccoons visit most, in your homestead, to determine the suitable technique to use in removing them. The following are some of these places.

1. In your yard.

To remove them from here, first remove that which may have attracted them to this place which is food that may have been left behind. Ensure not to leave any pet’s food outside and cover all the garbage cans & any other food materials in the yard. This would deprive them of food sending them away.

These rodents also feed on insects especially grubs. Treat the yard annually for grubs to drive out all insects. Once they smell any insect activity like breeding, they usually start pulling back sod, digging up turf, and overturning mulch. Hence to prevent them from digging the yard, kill their food by applying bad tasting products like the Whole Control Liquid mole repellants onto the yard areas where they dig. This product would chase away the raccoons. Other useful products include Delta Guard Granules, Bayer complete insect killer etc.

On the same note, do your best to prevent the raccoons from pooping in the yard, for their waste contains
disease causing microorganisms, by using any effective deterrents like fox urine.

2. In your attic.

Raccoons love building their dens in the warm and safe environment of the attic. The best method to remove
them from the attic would be by trapping and relocating them. For some trapping tips, you may visit raccoon removal Hamilton.

In this removal, the following are the main considerations.


Put the traps close to the identified entry points or in any open point in your attic

-Lights and sounds

Raccoons love to hide in darkened and quiet sections of your property. By placing spotlights throughout the
attic if possible or radios close to the entry points, the raccoons would avoid the place.

-Seal shut the entry points.

Inspect the whole house to find out their points of entry. Repair all the holes in your eaves as well as other
weak areas allowing access to your attic. Then seal all existing openings into the attic spaces including on the

Finally, search inside the attic to get rid of baby raccoons which are very likely to be there. Hold them with
thick gloves and a pillowcase to carry them on. Then use these to be as a “bait” to trap the mother with the
trap and relocate all of them to a far place. Then clean the attic well removing all feces left.

3. In the outside.

To deal with raccoons that may be outside your homestead in non-specific areas, you may use large cage
traps or steel mesh to trap them and relocate them far from your property.

4. In the garage, house, under deck, on the roof.

-to remove them from under the deck, place a radio near or on the deck and set high volume for a few days
to scare them off.

-to keep them out of the other places, you can use ultra sonic devices such as Yard Guard, a powerful
electronic pest and animal repeller etc.

Hope these tips are helpful in ensuring you have a raccoon free homestead.